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Transnational Commercial

Adapting to your Business Development Phases with Commercial Objectives at the Forefront of our Minds

The need for legal review of commercial agreements typically raised on a start up venture, an expansion to Thailand as a new jurisdiction requiring contract amendment to take into account local laws, or to tighten up a business when new investment requires better compliance and contract risk management.

Hughes Krupica can provide commercial contract review and amendment assistance in a timely and cost effective manner. Our team takes the time to ensure it understands your business, but not at your expense. Our charges relate to the work we carry out for you and implement into your agreements.

Our scope of experience comprises:

Information Technology Implementation and Agreements

As businesses develop, they will plan to implement automated systems technology within their business to improve performance, revenue and ultimately, profits. The initial investment can be substantial and not all of the results of a new system will be known or anticipated. In order to achieve the implementation objectives properly, we will assist you with advice on

-protection of your existing intellectual property and proprietary information

-adapting the service provider and I.T. developer’s terms to fit your project, and amending unreasonable terms including disclaimers, exclusion clauses and liability transfer provisions

-injecting accountability and clear deliverable measurement criteria, with appropriate penalties into the agreements

-looking behind the arrangements with third party application developers; any ‘escrowed’ source code, and rights and control allocation between your business and the I.T. developer

Franchise Agreements

Asia remains a place where new brands and businesses continue to set down their first operations in the region and in order to do so they may consider a Master Franchise and Sub-Franchise arrangement. Hughes Krupica has assisted with the review of franchise arrangements from the perspective of the Master Franchisor taking Asia wide franchise rights from a European country, and subject to the terms of that Master Franchise, allowing sub-licenses with royalty payments flowing upwards to the uptime brand and business owner. There is a delicate balance between the often rigorous jurisdiction centric terms of a business/brand owner, and the local adjustments and variations required for a Master Franchise holder to successfully expand but retain appropriate controls and remedies for breach with its sub-franchisees.

Service and Consultancy Agreements

Certain industries, such as medical, senior executive placement consultancies, I.T, banking; brand development and marketing companies lend themselves to service and consultancy arrangements. Hughes Krupica assists clients avoid the typical mistakes applied to such arrangements such as misapplying employment principles to consultancy; defining the scope of services poorly either with too little or too much over-technical immeasurable detail; failing to provide proper default provisions; defective dispute resolution provisions and the inapplicable inconsistent use of boilerplate or cut and paste provisions which can render agreements partially defective or void.

Contracts to Support Corporate Investment

As part of a sale or joint venture arrangement, new commercial arrangements may need to be put in place. This can comprise new supply agreements; agency agreements; service agreements; distribution agreements; joint venture agreements and loan agreements. Hughes Krupica assists clients beyond completion in implementing a new contractual regime which will assist the post completion plans to enhance a businesses productivity; legal and regulatory compliance which can directly or indirectly affect the bottom line.


Why Hughes Krupica Commercial Legal Services

Hughes Krupica’s commercial team are business people themselves. Our Partners are used to running a busy law firm but also have their own personal business investments which assists understanding the overall business objectives of a deal; contractual arrangement or commercial arrangement.

Whatever business segment you operate in, you can be assured we will be candid about our experience and credibility and ability to assist you.

Commercially Minded and Experienced
Commercially Minded and Experienced

You will be dealing with and receiving advice from business people who understand business and law

Objective Based Advice
Objective Based Advice

Although commercial principles can be sophisticated and technical, we will ensure the principal objectives of your business transaction are an overriding feature

Tailored Fees Based on Experience
Tailored Fees Based on Experience

We won’t over or underestimate your requirements and will tailor our fees based on our experience of the time it should take to carry out works for you. We are transparent about our fee estimate calculations.

Domestic and Cross Border Alignment
Domestic and Cross Border Alignment

If your commerce crosses borders, we are equipped to assist with coordinating advice on foreign law with domestic arrangements and ensure conflict of law principles are analysed

Commercial Legal Testimonials

Peter Davison,

Director/Founder, Greco Management

“Hughes Krupica provide specific tailored terms and conditions which are practical and useable for daily business.”

“I can write terms and conditions myself based on my own experience of work and my industry segment. I also know many law firms can print off a standard or ‘boilerplate’ set of terms and conditions and tweak and few provisions here and there.

However, what I needed was a refined, pragmatic and business sector focussed set of terms and conditions with supporting contracts to assist with business development. That is what Hughes Krupica delivered to my satisfaction.”


Mixed Use Real Estate; Retail and Commercial Project Developer

“Appointing a Managing Director is a sensitive matter for a high profile company and negotiating terms with senior experienced executives is also sensitive.”

“In order to assist with striking the right balance between providing the perks and benefits verbally agreed, but also a clear framework for performance measurements and exit or termination of the arrangement, we engaged Hughes Krupica to assist. Adding a layer of complication was the fact our executive wished to be employed as a consultant through his own consultancy business and therefore we also had to ensure we were protected in terms of legal complicate with labour law regulations, and that we had sufficient control over our proprietary affairs when a third party consultancy company was involved. Hughes Krupica handles all aspects well and the correct tone was set for a successful completion of the executive’s joining procedure”


Medical Software Company

“Hughes Krupica can deliver appropriate on-point quality legal services to a start up with an eye on rapid development”

“First, our co-founders needed an MOU to handle the embryonic stage of the business and to ensure that decision making could be organised properly outside of a formalised registered corporate structure. Second, we needed a clear legal plan for the next stages of business development to include shareholders agreements and loan agreements. Finally, we needed a quick set of agreements to deal with the use of our product whilst maintaining the integrity of our intellectual property. The counterparts to our agreements were goliaths in their industry, so some clear tough provisions were required without souring a relationship which would work in our favour. Hughes Krupica understood these parameters and worked with them accordingly”


Asian Real Estate Branded Master Franchisee

“I needed a company I could trust with practical legal advice, especially given the high level of personal investment I was making in acquiring master franchise rights with the projected returns contingent on being able to manage and govern legal relationships with the sub-franchisees whilst maintaining royalty payments to the Franchisor.”

“Hughes Krupica clearly understood the multi-party and multi-faceted nature of franchise agreements and were able to ensure that provisions affecting my company’s relationship looking ‘upwards’ at the franchisor, were mirrored in protections and requirements between my company and sub-franchisees. Of significant importance were the exit and termination provisions of the franchise agreements with sub-franchisees to ensure that my Master Franchise Agreement could remain intact whilst any problems were settled at ground level. Hughes Krupica ensured that my commercial objectives were properly reflected in the documents.”

Our Commercial Legal Services Fees Policy

  • Simple Quick Fee Quotes for Standard Commercial Legal Work
  • Capped Fees Available for Contract Reviews and Contract Amendment
  • Staged Payments to reflect the stages of a Commercial Deal
  • Internationally Competitive Fee Rates



Commercial Legal Miniguides

Our Partners and Attorneys have prepared some helpful guides on legal commercial matters in Thailand which will assist you with some distinct topics you wish to learn more about, without paying for the privilege and without navigating information and misinformation on the internet. For further information and for actual advice we remain available to be engaged.

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