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Small to Large Scale Financing

Hughes Krupica represents clients in both small to large scale financings. Whether you are an international lending institution or a local borrower we bring together the expertise to work on simple to complex financings involving multiple parties in various jurisdictions. Our pricing is very competitive we offer the additional added value in the way our team’s expertise comes together in every transaction we are involved with.

Local and International Finance Expertise Combined

Navigating the rules to finance a Thai company, project, property or asset situate in Thailand or even a commodity can be complex, not only from the perspective of the applicable local laws but understanding finance structures as reflected in the documentation and the process as a whole. For the foreign investor and foreign owner of a Thai company we combine the local law areas of finance expertise often reflected in key clauses as well as the form of the agreement itself. We have a deep knowledge of commercial banking and consequently can advise clients on term sheets and internal credit papers when requested to do so as well as credit agreements and security documentation.

Extensive Scope of Credit Arrangement Experience

Bullet loans, revolving facilities, syndicated lending with multiple tranches and payment schedules are all types of credit arrangements we advise on. We also advise on securitization of loan receivables when requested to do so and have experience in designing securitization products for bespoke industries.

Taking Security

There is more to security than just taking a mortgage in Thailand. Understanding how international principles on trusts fit together in a codified system of law require careful thought and consideration especially when coordinating several types of security documents creating different kinds of statutory and non-statutory security interests both in Thailand and internationally. For international financiers, Hughes Krupica has the insight to explain local security concepts, including notice and registration clearly and easily with reference to the concepts as they exist in common law jurisdictions. For local Thai companies, it is often in explaining different types of security interests and helping with the creation of valid, binding and enforceable interests acceptable to financiers and helping companies take the corporate action necessary to give effect to what is required.

Completing the Deal

Understanding how to meet the expectations of borrowers and lenders should be carefully crafted into the operative clauses of a credit facility and should be clear from the beginning. The reality is that meeting conditions precedent requirements or ongoing financial covenants may not be as easy as it is supposed to be.

Dealing with the culture of large corporate borrowers who don’t always understand the requirements of international financial institutions is such that conditions precedent document must be often specially crafted made to measure for the situation set out in broad documentation. This applies equally for smaller foreign partially owned Thai companies. Moreover, the operative elements of meeting requirements often require cutting through red tape, especially if government or quasi-governmental agencies are involved. Hughes Krupica has the commercial foresight and acumen to make a seemingly complex process as simple as it the underlying concept. This is best accomplished by working together with parties to manage expectations rather than adversarial approached which is still favored by some less thoughtful and practical law firms.

Why Hughes Krupica Finance

Hughes Krupica offers big firm experience with small firm attentiveness to client needs. It punches way above it’s weight as Hughes Krupica is deliberately a small-medium firm and isn’t trying to be a global firm. We bring together general banking skills with highly specialised areas of commercial expertise including real estate, hotels, hospitality, corporate, shipping, aviation and commodities. We also have the capability to litigate in these areas as well.

Hughes Krupica will take the driving seat in a transaction and if necessary carry the weaker links forward to get the deal done.

We understand what needs to be check listed by a financier and therefore how borrowers need to prepare their business accordingly to comply with financial requirements. Likewise, financiers have to be sensitive to a borrower’s specific business in order not to strangle hold its client to inappropriate restrictions in particular industries.

We will work well with advisers from different disciplines – tax; accounting; brokers and agents but will remain independent and impartial.

We Drive the Deal Through
We Drive the Deal Through

We will work through the deal from start to finish – Credit Application, to Term Sheet to Facility Documentation to Conditions Precedent and Subsequent collection we know that’s it’s important to not only establish a pace, assist in the commercial aspects of the transaction with professionalism and efficiency.

Solution Minded to Transactional Issues
Solution Minded to Transactional Issues

If particular business issues concern one party for example the ability to syndicate for a lender or less stringent financial reports and ratios for borrowers, we will assist you determine whether to provide for a tailored covenant or condition precedent / subsequent with reasonable mechanisms and teeth for non-compliance and also help manage post-completion ongoing obligations when required.

Fit the Deal Jigsaw Pieces Together
Fit the Deal Jigsaw Pieces Together

If quarterly management reports are impractical, licenses and approvals require more time, audited financial statements are GAP compliant but a different accounting standard is customary in the jurisdiction of the borrower – these all need to be encapsulated in the deal documents, but in a practical manner – this is what we deliver.

Realistic Fees for Real Work
Realistic Fees for Real Work

We don’t charge for printing basic template agreements, but we do charge for the time spent on amending, negotiation agreements and for thorough due diligence or disclosure. We know you know what our competition has to offer. We will promise what we can, and charge only for what we deliver.

Finance Testimonials

Dan Thompson,

Partner, Law Firm

“Kevin is a bright lawyer, an excellent communicator and a creative thinker and problem solver. He is a pleasure to work with”

“Hughes Krupica’s Finance team are able to provide the correct balance of industry specific advice with finance technical know-how and practical strategic advice combined. Clearly the personal service and attention that Hughes Krupica’s team are able to provide is a unique feature that clients appreciate.”

Ken Price,

CEO, Warp Global Inc. & LPG Tanks

“Intensely sharp, confident and experienced. Excellent international business expertise.”

“Hughes Krupica’s Finance Team are equipped to deliver on-point clear advice on all aspects of finance deals, across multiple sectors. I would recommend their team to companies looking at finance options or already involved in negotiations seeking additional support.”

Our Finance Fees Policy

  • We will provide capped fees for document production work where time including consultations can be assessed.
  • We will manage institutional negotiations with approval and consent for meetings to avoid bureaucratic time escalation.
  • We provide experienced advice at competitive rates for a small/medium firm.



Finance Mini-Guides

Our Partners and Attorneys have prepared some helpful guides on the finance sector processes in Thailand which will assist you with some distinct topics you wish to learn more about, without paying for the privilege and without navigating information and misinformation on the internet. For further information and for actual advice we remain available to be engaged.

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