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Personal Injury

Balancing Legitimate Claims with Strategy and Cost Management

Injuries that we are asked to assist with claims relating to personal injury or death which commonly occur in the following circumstances:

  1. Hotel Venues
  2. Tourist Tours
  3. Boats
  4. Car or Other Vehicles
  5. Sports Activities
  6. Hospitals and Surgeries
  7. Workplace
  8. Events


Many victims of personal injuries or relatives or representatives of fatality victims are taken by surprise and are not often in the best circumstances to keep a good record of the event. Often work will have to be conducted to properly summarise an injury or death and to collect evidence about the circumstances.

Alternatively, you may be an operator looking for a defence from a claim that you are not liable for or have already attempted to settle.

Justice and Responsibility

Hughes Krupica understands that the nature of a personal injury or death can be stressful but also that there is a fair and just principle attached to obtaining compensation if another party should have taken more care in the provision of premises or services which resulted in an injury or death. Conversely, it is unfair if a claim is a ‘try on’ or if the victim created their own injury, and we can assist defendant’s accordingly with the defence of such claims or to mitigate exposure to quantum of claims. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of Thai Legal Services.

Initial Analysis of the Parties

We initially conduct a proper review of the circumstances of the injury or death which has occurred, before committing you to any litigation. We then also work properly on establishing the correct parties involved. For example, a branded hotel may be owned by one domestic company, but be operated by an international brand. In such circumstances, the method of making a claim known and ensuring that both the branded operator and asset owner are on notice and involved in any proceedings is crucial. You may not have thought if the same party is already involved in litigation, or what assets they own to establish if any action may ultimately be defeated by an empty judgment.

Step by Step Measured Communications

Some parties will actually take responsibility for their actions, but might exercise a calculated economic view of the injury or death and therefore negotiate extensively to limit their “extraordinary cost” exposure. If that is the case, we will work with you to ensure that you are not exposed to the worst possible ‘deal’ in the circumstances, and that sincere efforts are applied to negotiations. If you are a corporate and we are assisting your defence, we will will conduct a time / cost / risk benefit analysis before agreeing on any settlement strategy or if whether to defend until judgment day.

Why Hughes Krupica Personal Injury Services

Hughes Krupica will invest a reasonable review time with you in establishing the strengths; weaknesses and economic realities of your claim or defence.

Hughes Krupica has experience in negotiating early settlements to reduce exposure or ensure a claim isn’t rendered worthless by ongoing legal costs and expenses, and taking claims into trial to ensure the other party(ies) recognise the sincerity of a claim.

We handle reasonably small to larger serious injuries and fatality claims.

Is it Worth Proceeding / Settling ?
Is it Worth Proceeding / Settling ?

W will provide an initial consultation with a realistic level headed point of view on merits of a claim or defence before you start racking up large legal bills and expenses

Strategic Pragmatic Thinking Applied to Claims / Defence
Strategic Pragmatic Thinking Applied to Claims / Defence

Anyone can horse trade settlement figures, or write a letter explaining or contesting a defence or injury. However, we will provide a solid foundation to allow communications to be properly grounded in the researched applicable law so that the other party(ies) and their counsel are on notice of the competence of your advisers.

Maintaining Multiple Strategies
Maintaining Multiple Strategies

A linear strategy of attack attack attack or defend defend defend will provide the least likely chance of settlement or a measured realistic approach. Hughes Krupica will assist with a multi-faceted strategy to ensure the settlement door remains open whilst the claim or defence progresses at a reasonable pace.

Thinking About Enforcement
Thinking About Enforcement

We will assist you remember and apply strategies to avoiding empty judgments, and to using legal procedures to prepare for enforcement or defence to enforcement

Personal Injury Testimonials

Senior Regional Director,

Medical I.T. Company

“Highly Competent and Effective with Good Teamwork Focus”

“I suffered an injury in a hotel resulting in medium term inability to work, significant initial medical bills in Thailand, followed by repair surgery and procedures in the United States thereafter. I was concerned that once I return ned to the U.S. I would be severely disadvantaged in pursuing my claim. I also had an issue relating to whether I should sue in the U.S. or in Thailand or both. Hughes Krupica liaised effectively and smoothly with my appointed counsel in the U.S. and together they agreed a smart approach to initiating proceedings. Given the issues I had encountered, aside from providing evidence, I had to leave a lot of the process in their hands, and my trust was well founded”


Holidaymaker and Visitor to Phuket, Thailand

“Hughes Krupica assisted preventing me from being backed into a corner and accepting the first offer on the table.”

“After suffering serious injuries from a combination of poor conditions and negligent safety procedures on a tour boat resulting in serious but not long term injuries I was confronted by representatives of the tour company who were aggressive, often speaking in a language I couldn’t understand and appeared to be presenting me as the wrongdoer as I had made it clear that I ought to receive compensation. I was pressured to ‘settle’ on the spot and I felt intimated. I held out and informed the representatives I would appoint lawyers to help me and I chose Hughes Krupica. Fortunately, their team then convened a meeting to ensure the company was aware that I wasn’t a lone unassisted victim with no wits about me. Hughes Krupica then went on to carve out a settlement in excess of the quite insulting sums offered closer to the time of the incident.”

Regional In-House Counsel,

Branded Hotel Operator

“Sometimes picking a law firm in a jurisdiction requires luck – and this was the case when we chose Hughes Krupica”

“The temptation for in-house counsel is always to choose a branded global law firm in order to demonstrate to the board that conservative measures have been taken to handle the potentially financially punitive nature of a personal injury claim. However, choosing the appropriate experienced partner or senior associate and receiving personal attention can be difficult and we value personal service, contactibility taking into account time differences and responsiveness – that is what we received. Further, Hughes Krupica anticipated the strategic plays of the claimant’s counsel and without leading us into an unwanted area of admissions, assisted with a reasonable and swift settlement.”

Medical Tourist,

Injured Dental Surgery Patient

“Both responsive and professional, focussed on assisting me when I needed it most”

“I made the mistake of not properly researching the track record of the dental surgery I chose to visit whilst on holiday in Thailand. The place seemed clean and well managed, but when I was admitted for a fairly simple procedure and then suffered excruciating pain I was then admitted to private hospital with specialists appointed to inspect the work carried out prior. It quickly became apparent there were grave errors with the work and negligence had created the issues which would cost me large sums in hospital, uninsured, to fix. Hughes Krupica ensured that the original dental surgery were on notice I was properly represented, and ensured all evidence was properly collected and presented in a speedy fashion. Experience, efficient and robust advice is what I needed, and what I received.”

Our Personal Injury Fees Policy

  • Initial Brief Consultations and Reviews Free or Low Fee Basis
  • Capped Fees Offered in Preliminary Works such as Case Review; Legal Notices; First Settlement Meetings
  • Success Fees possible with some upfront payments on an advance basis
  • We make it clear when Hourly Rates apply and provide time estimates based on experience



Personal Injury Miniguides

Our Partners and Attorneys have prepared some helpful guides on law and personal injury and death claims in Thailand which will assist you with some distinct topics you wish to learn more about, without paying for the privilege and without navigating information and misinformation on the internet. For further information and for actual advice we remain available to be engaged.

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