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Born out of Determination

Hughes Krupica was formed as a law firm in February 2013 by Desmond Hughes, Robert Krupica and Pongsak Daengkaew, who had all worked together for many years in a different law firm, bringing with them their knowledge; client base and team oriented approach to building a business. They were soon joined by Woraphong Leksakulchai and Bowornsith Nitiyavanich who also had worked together many years before joining Hughes Krupica.

Together, this core team decided to grow a law firm, with its roots and history starting in Thailand, to be a distinct practice area focussed, client service team oriented law firm using modern information technology systems for document management and storage; billing, accounting and practice management, and customer relationship management.

The Hughes Krupica team is determined, steadily and over the appropriate time, to grow it’s firm, ensuring that along the way, standards, quality, ethics and objectives are maintained. All our Partners are committed to re-investing into the firm’s development and progress, and as our client’s investments and businesses grow, so will our firm.

A Bangkok Firm and a Phuket Firm

Competition in the legal services market is fierce. We know there are some good law firms in the region and we continue to win our clients on merit. Hughes Krupica is chosen by its clients for its individuals and their past performance on deals, through referrals from existing clients and long standing contacts.

Law firms in Thailand which don’t have Provincial offices can be pigeonholed as ‘City only practices’. Provincial only offices may be shunned as ‘satellite’ operations or somehow inferior in standards to a City practice. Not so for Hughes Krupica.

Our Bangkok and Phuket office are both strong, highly competent operations, servicing a different mix of clients between them. We ensure that consistency of standards, reporting and service are maintained and our Partners are involved in both offices, without spreading themselves thinly.


In Bangkok we handle a lot of litigation from construction disputes to commercial fraud and shareholder issues, arbitration, commercial matters, and have a healthy book of real estate investment transactions in a vibrant and continually developing city. Our clients are from all over the globe and we also have a loyal Thai client base. Our key team in Bangkok has a dual capability of handling high level litigious matters, but also being able to handle transactions well. This is a key quality in a legal team to ensure that the distinction in approach between litigation and commerce is maintained and applied appropriately.

In litigation, we have successfully represented trading/export companies and their directors on the defence of criminal and civil proceedings for allegations of fraud, when third parties have in fact been the perpetrators. This type of situation is very stressful and challenging for businesses, and requires leadership, support and determination from a cohesive litigation team which will have a planned strategy, but is clever enough to re-review and updates its analysis. We have also represented many companies in their private criminal and civil proceedings for violation of contracts or law by third parties.

In commercial matters, we assist investors with their investments into existing operating companies seeking funding to move to their next development phase, which will require attention to detail on the application of the intention of the parties to decision making and control, and repayment of investment monies, dividends or tax-mitigating loan repayments. We may also assist with agreements between Thai operations and foreign overseas operations.

We also have a strong Finance capability based on in-house experience and private practice experience spanning the full range of credit arrangements, from the perspective of borrowers and lenders. This capability can be applied to institutional or private lending arrangements and is grounded in experience with banks and their process.


In Phuket, we are very strong on real estate matters; hotel investment and litigation. We also have an arbitration capability which crosses over between the Bangkok and Phuket offices. We are consulted by branded real estate companies who manage significant assets across Thailand and in other jurisdictions, owner’s committees, high net worth individuals, and start up entrepreneurs.

Real estate agents with integrity trust our firm, because of our rigorous due diligence and not-so-reputable agents will shy away from us knowing we will be candid and honest in our opinions. If you need to understand difficult local regulations and rules, and how they are applied, or to solve difficult issues requiring multiple government office interactions and correction of defective work or documents, then we are ready to assist.

On hotel matters we have assisted in the majority hotel owners in their negotiations with branded hotel operators. We have also assisted hotel owners sell their interests to investment funds, but we have further represented foreign hotel companies invest into hotels through joint venture, and to then operate the asset, at the same time restructuring refinance arrangements. This type of work requires an experienced dedicated leadership team, and an knowledge of how hotels work. Hughes Krupica fits this criteria and therefore competes well in this sphere.



Thailand Lawyers - Bangkok & Phuket Hughes Krupica

Hughes Krupica Consulting
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Thailand Lawyers - Bangkok & Phuket Hughes Krupica

Hughes Krupica Consulting Co. Ltd
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