About Hughes Krupica

Honesty About Us, Honest and Candid Advice to Our Clients
Hughes Krupica History
Hughes Krupica History - the Glorious Technicolour Full Version

For those visitors, clients and friends with a developed and mature attention span, and able to discern that 29 minutes may be well spent learning about the history of the service providers who should like to provide a high quality service to our clients, in a candid and honest manner akin to the content of the video, please kindly view this full version video.

Hughes Krupica History - The Shortened Medium Attention Span Version

For those visitors who struggle to manage their time or who sincerely have other priorities in life other than watching videos about the history of their lawyers and law firm, we have also created a 50% shorter version of our full version, which does omit some interesting details but nevertheless ‘does the job’, so you can get the gist.

Hughes Krupica - Now
For the purposes of the present, Hughes Krupica is:
  • a Small Medium Enterprise legal services and business consultancy provider
  • a modern international company that deals with international and internationally minded clients, either on investment within or into Thailand
  • equipped to handle business conflicts with dispute resolution methods and/or litigation
  • a company, but with its personality made from its team of international and Thai lawyers and support staff who together aggregate their ideas and actions to aim to deliver a high quality service
  • proud to be based in Phuket, with clients across Thailand, including corporate clients in Bangkok and internationally, able to work remotely, efficiently and deliver competitively through virtual and physical meetings
Receiving Services from Hughes Krupica
Know Your Client and Conflict of Interests

When we engage with our clients, in keeping with international standards, we conduct:

  • Conflict of Interest Check
  • Know Your Client investigations

We operate a hybrid of domestic law and practice on conflicts of interest, but also adopt international standards based on an aggregate of our code of ethics and practice experience. We are aware of the impact or potential impact of a conflict of interest, and we will be candid and direct regarding disclosures.

For Know Your Client checks, we will conduct our own internal checks, but will also require clear identification of the principal(s), behind corporate entities, any agents and representatives and their authority to issue instructions, and copies of basic corporate documents. We also need to know residential addresses, which is the minimum standard we would advise our clients to adhere to when conducting business with other parties.

Scope of Works, Capped Fees and Hourly Rates

We will then establish a scope of works with you, which may be initial or if matters are fairly certain, comprise a full scope. Our team, based on its prior experience of decades of delivering legal services, will then provide a fee quote normally comprising a mixture of capped fees linked to a Maximum Allocated Time, hourly rates, or a combination of both. We will ask for an advance deposit of our fees and expenses/disbursements on account prior to commencing works.

Assignment and Use of Team

We will assign a Lead Engagement Partner and a selection of Senior and Junior team members as appropriate to the tasks set and to manage billing efficiently. You will be aware of who is working on your engagement and we are transparent with regards to our working methods, and the information we provide on our timesheet based bills.

Our Principles
Hughes Krupica does operate on a set of core principles which it includes in each services contract or ‘engagement proposal’ entered into with clients. There may be found here:
Our Terms and Conditions

Our engagement with you is a ‘hire of services’ under Thai law. If you have no assets or presence in Thailand, we may opt to use a different legal system to govern our terms with you. However, we do operate our services provision subject to a set of Terms and Conditions which we update from time to time as our company and its experiences with clients evolves in a dynamic manner.

Our full terms and conditions will be issued to you when we issue an engagement proposal, following the Know Your Client and Conflict of Interest Checks.