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Under no circumstances shall use of this website create or imply any Relationship with any part of or any individual from Hughes Krupica. Hughes Krupica does not, by displaying or publishing any information, seek to confirm any relationship nor the provision of any legal advice. In order to procure the services of Hughes Krupica an engagement contract referred to as an ‘engagement proposal’, ‘engagement letter’, ‘letter of engagement’ or ‘LOE’ (“LOE”) must be signed and accepted by both You and Hughes Krupica and all terms and conditions accepted, with the relevant deposits for legal fees and expenses fully paid, before any Relationship is properly established.

During the time there is no Relationship, Hughes Krupica does not owe you any responsibility to protect your data; or keep it confidential and no confidentiality will be guaranteed. You therefore should only provide sensitive information in relation to a potential engagement or matter by contacting our firm and at first withholding certain important information until such time as you will ask Hughes Krupica to conduct a conflict of interest check. Thereafter, until such time as the LOE is signed and the deposit(s) paid thereunder, no Relationship will have come into existence.

Privacy Notice

Hughes Krupica will comply with the Privacy requirements in the jurisdictions where Hughes Krupica is registered and regulated. Hughes Krupica does not submit itself to any other jurisdictions unless the effect or operation of law requires submission and such submission is enforceable under relevant treaties and recognition of laws relating to the jurisdiction(s) in which Hughes Krupica is registered and regulated.

Hughes Krupica values the privacy of your communications. By You visiting our website(s), you are submitting various electronic information that may be analysed, stored and utilized in relation to Customer Relationship Management systems which may include marketing campaigns and programs designed to connect with a potential and existing client base. Efforts will be made to select marketing campaigns using properly analysed data, and campaigns including electronic direct marketing shall only be general when general information relevant to a general segment of website visitors, potential and existing clients is deemed appropriate by Hughes Krupica.

Using your information in a CRM system means that your information will be accessible by Hughes Krupica and it’s third party I.T. development and marketing campaign management company(ies). Such information will be subject to an agreement of confidentiality and privacy.

If you wish to be removed from the CRM system, then you may contact Hughes Krupica at [email protected] and request removal, specifying any material and attaching any communication which resulted in you wishing to be removed from such system.

Accuracy of Information

Hughes Krupica has made efforts to make information accurate at the time of posting. Any change which would result in such information becoming inaccurate or out of date does not impose a legal obligation on Hughes Krupica to adjust information that is posted.

Case Studies are loosely based on real cases but have been adjusted to illustrate or highlight particular points and therefore will have been deliberately adjusted to differ from a real case.

Mini-Guides are based on a mixture of legal information and practice experience and may contain references to laws; regulations and rules and other information which is or will become out of date.

Testimonials are sourced from real clients and the quotes have been approved by the relevant providers of such testimonials. Some testimonials will have been made by communication with Hughes Krupica prior to publishing, but testimonials are reflective of the wishes of the provider of the testimonial with regard to content and substances.

Attorney Advertising

In some jurisdictions, the concept of advertising by attorneys is prohibited in whole or in part. In other jurisdictions where advertising is accepted there may be a requirement to expressly state exclusions.

Hughes Krupica wishes to convey the abilities of its firm and its team through the provision of information, but does not consider the provision of such information an ‘advertisement’ per se. Notwithstanding, Hughes Krupica expressly excludes the guaranteed outcome of any results based on prior results and by stating the outcomes of historical matters Hughes Krupica is not stating or implying that results will be the same or different in any future matters.

Viruses; Computer Hardware or Software Disruption

Hughes Krupica is subject to the same risks as an ordinary business engaged in the provision of legal services and therefore takes reasonable measures through vetted selection of its service providers to mitigate risk of breach of security; infection by computer viruses or similar; hardware or software disruption (“IT Issues”). However, Hughes Krupica does not provide You with any representations or warranties that by using this Site you will be protected from any IT Issues. Should you experience any IT issues you shall be responsible for resolving such in terms of liability and cost.