Credit to Creators

Give due credit and value for the resource of human creation and innovation
what is the value of Art, Design and Creation and why is intellectual property important?
Creation of a thing with so called ‘artistic value’ creates in our societies throughout the world a set of rights which are either implied into existence upon creation, or formalized through a state or global mechanism allowing protection and enforcement of rights.

These rights are balanced with justifiable fair use and freedom of criticism, reference and expression. It is the balance between these concepts that may cause misunderstandings or conflict in relation to ‘intellectual property’. Some ‘authors’ or ‘creators’ of works may be great at creating, but not expert in the legal mechanisms to protect and allow reasonable commercial exploitation of their own works in society, as a reward for their creativity.

Rights in relation to creation are often referenced to ‘moral rights’ in the work. The concept of morality is not exclusive to intellectual property law, and is in fact the cornerstone of the formulation of law through morals, principles, rules, regulations, written and unwritten laws of which there is as much diversity as exists between societies in the world itself. This can be a source of creation but also of disputes over ‘property’ rights obfuscated by the complexity of intellectual design.

In the business arena, intellectual property rights may be portrayed through a positive lens, as an enabling mechanism to provide incentive to innovation and creation. The International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) references the generation of “a cyclical return on investment that finances further innovative and creative activity” as fundamental to IP rights. However, criticisms of intellectual property rights include the use by states and enterprises to exclude from society useful items that morally might be better as ‘common’ and free for development.

However, it is evident that without any form of protection whatsoever, in today’s current societal structure, art and creativity that has great value for wellbeing and mental development in addition to being of economic value, could be stifled for lack of adequate recognition and protection. Furthermore, many artists and creators might be engaged deeply in their practice, and not oriented towards matters of law and complex intellectual property cases and statutes mixed into conflict of laws issues existing between different world states. On such basis, fostering IP awareness is critical for ensuring that artists are enabled to leverage their works as they wish and be entitled to market based rewards for their efforts and application of resource.

On this basis, in keeping with the principles of crediting creation and innovation and promoting the arts through recognition, Hughes Krupica wishes to ensure that the artists that contributed to its website and marketing designs, are given credit, in addition to any remuneration flowing from the purchase of their creative works. What follows is a list of the creators of the arts and images used, and details on how you may visit, purchase and license their works.
Richard Jones - Pixy

Richard Jones worked in the IT industry globally before finding himself working on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand. Richard graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in multimedia, language, communication, programming, graphics and photography from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, going on to be a lead programmer and Chief Technical Officer in business organisations for the subsequent 8 years. In 2006, with a few select clients, Pixy was born and started to grow. Pixy has a diverse base of clients which entrust it to provide professional development and digital services in Asia. Services include web/app design and development, digital marketing, consultancy and outsourcing.

Richard worked closely with Desmond Hughes of Hughes Krupica on the new website project in Q1 and Q2 of 2020, at the time of the global COVID19 pandemic. Using his creative experience and know how, Richard selected the most suitable designs and platform for the site design. Richard then proceeded to patiently formulate an attractive, balanced and innovative presentation of Hughes Krupica’s firm alongside a demanding and persistent content creating client. Richard tempered and artfully reconfigured images and put together in a structured manner the elements that Desmond had in his vision but did not have the skills to produce himself without Richard’s lead.

In addition to the website project, Richard and Pixy also support Hughes Krupica on much of its IT architecture, which can also be viewed on our Legal Tech page.

Hughes Krupica would highly recommend the services of Richard and Pixy based on the exceptional service delivery provided on the projects to date.

James Stewart – Vertigo Video Productions

James Stewart is the founder and owner of Vertigo Video Productions which is a creative company that can deliver video and photography production for a wide range of industries comprising a team with broadcast television and production roots in the UK and Thailand.

The portfolio of videos, at the time of writing July 2020, can be found here: and includes some amazing drone and video footage of the beaches of Phuket during the COVID19 lockdown period when many of the beaches and roads in Phuket were almost empty, thereby highlighting the beauty of the island at that time. This video was then featured on national Thai television and media channels.

James’ team was a pleasure to work with and professionally assisted on what for them was a small job but treated as importantly as all other works. The Hughes Krupica team photos were taken along Kamala Beach, alongside the Twinpalms MontAzure condominium, client of Hughes Krupica, near HQ Beachclub on a wet season day in June 2020. The photos were selected, polished and sent promptly and the team were very pleased with the results.

Zofia Lopez – Design by .Zof

Zofia oversaw and created the Hughes Krupica History Video. Zofia is based in Manila, Philippines and works remotely on projects across the globe as a multimedia designer and graphics artist. She originally studied at the Divine Light Academy, a private school in Las Pinas, Manila which has an impressive history of evolution from a small institution in a developing suburb to a leading school in education with approximately 3000 students.

Zofia graduated into a series of professional positions in her early designer years comprising website design and layout at ERDAN Industrial Enterprises, marketing collateral creator for Tokyo Ice Café, interning at One Mega Group Inc. creating marketing collaterals and providing graphical design work to Lazada Group.

Zofia has remained a freelance designer from 2017 to date for ‘Design by .Zof’, her own business which is, with the assistance of Richard Jones, how Hughes Krupica engaged Zofia for the video and accompanying audio works. Whilst carrying out her freelance works, Zofia has also designed content for the Asian Parent on social media and for a year and a half was a multi-media designer for In1Go Technologies Inc. creating works for multi-media platforms. She currently works for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies as an offsite multimedia designer providing graphics and video in relation to investment and forex trading education.

Zofia is clearly an innovative, creative artist with a wide and expansive professional experience grounded in an education at a successful Manila centre of learning and education. On the project for Hughes Krupica, Zofia provided a clear scope of works, a clear price and timeline for delivery of the draft and responded excellently and in a timely fashion to feedback on the draft works. Followinig delivery of the video works, Zofia extended her scope to work on the audio and also delivered this professionally and on a timely basis. We would therefore highly recommend Zofia to corporates and individuals looking for multi-media creation and content across various platforms.

Bruce Rolff

Many of the surreal and graphical images you see on the Hughes Krupica website were created by Bruce Rolff and licensed were purchased through Shutterstock.

Bruce Rolff is an artist, graphic design professional and a photographer who graduated from the Ramapo College of New Jersey in Art/Art Studies and also in Literature. He is part of the Bergen Community College Alumni and has operated as self-employed operating through a limited liability company from April 2004 to date – 2020. Bruce’s images are available through his own site, and also through partner sites such as iStockphoto and Shutterstock.

Bruce describes his styles as “Ethereal, conceptual, magical, fantastical, surreal, contemporary. Yes I think I have a look of sorts, or maybe several types of looks. Its always evolving I suppose. One of my styles that I have created, and have been repeated by some folk, is the spiritual, ethereal, cosmic look that is laced through a tremendous amount of my work”.

Desmond Hughes saw Bruce’s work and was immediately struck by its depth of multi-layered surrealism with connections to real life objects and themes. When thinking about how to present the activities of people and provision of services in a law firm, cliché and obviousness does not have a place in the minds of those that are supposed to innovate to solve problems for others. Therefore, it became apparent to Desmond’s mind at least, that many of Bruce’s images had hidden potential meanings and implications that could be connected to the themes set out in the Hughes Krupica website. Clearly, the same images will as in all artistic works, have different meanings and provoke different feelings in any who view them. Part of the beauty of this type of imagery and art is that it is complex and diverse enough to foster a diverse spectrum of emotion and feeling.

After realizing that Hughes Krupica had licensed a large number of images from Bruce’s portfolio on Shutterstock, and in keeping with the beliefs and values of credit and intellectual property, Desmond contacted Bruce and provided sample pages of the site, seeking feedback and/or approval. Bruce confirmed he was happy with the use, provided the correct licenses had been obtained and responded quickly and politely to the communication.

Browsing through Bruce’s image, often late into the night fueled by Earl Grey tea, Desmond thoroughly enjoyed the experience of different feelings and perspectives which emanated. The existence and appreciation of art is not or rather should not be an elite exclusive experience, and if there is any opportunity or desire by others to view and experience Bruce’s works, Desmond and Hughes Krupica strongly endorse and encourage that.

Dmitriy Rybin

Many of the two and three dimensional light based designs in abstract form present on the Hughes Krupica website were designed by Dimitriy Rybin and licenses were purchased through Shutterstock. Technology, light, flares and optics form a strong part of Dimitriy’s works with microchips, cells and other physical objects restructured into abstract and strikingly created well lit photographic-like creations.

There is not much information available in the public domain regarding Dimitriy in English, who is originally from St Petersburg, Russia. However, we highly recommend anyone who has enjoyed these images to take a look and see how they might fit into a presentation of works or other creations.

Animal Photography

You will also see on the Hughes Krupica website photographs of animals linked to descriptions of efficiency, speed, pragmatism, attractiveness and other concepts. Through many mediums, we are often exposed to animal photographs with negative connotations, perhaps linked to animal cruelty and exploitation or as the subject of disease, such as the COVID19 pandemic. However, there are also many opportunities to appreciate the magnificence of the animal kingdom which share the planet with humans. Desmond Hughes’ first adventures into the magical world of animals were underwater, having trained as a diver at a British Sub Aqua Club at the Ironmonger Row Baths in Old Street, EC1, London. Desmond went on to scuba dive in Hurghada, Egypt, Grenada in the Caribbean, and of course his home – Thailand. During that time, the biodiversity observed in the ocean inspired Desmond and this is reflected in the land and water based animal images on the site.

The photographs were all sourced from Shutterstock, and are attributed to: Frog resting on grass blade – Wildmedia; Chameleon – Jan Bures; Cheetah – Elana Erasmus; Atlantic Sailfish – wildestanimal; Secretary Bird – Vladimir Wrangel; Giant Panda – Photo by Lola; Siberian Tiger – Gudkov Andrey; Tiger Shark – le bouil baptiste; Fan Throated Lizard – RealityImages; Teamwork Bees – Viesinsh; Foxes Fighting – Pim Leijen; Velvet Spider – Anna Seropiani.

Surreal Imagery

In addition to the surrealist images from Bruce Rolff’s collection, other artists’ surreal imagery was licensed, again from Shutterstock and appear on our site at various pages. These artists include: Alberto Andrei Rosu; frankie's; Lightspring; lzf; Cesar Dussac; Mikhail Leonov; Art Furnace; Paul Fleet; Orla; maodoltee; Pani_Elena; Amanda Carden; Cristina Conti; Cranach; smolaw; and Jolygon.

Other Various Images

Other images include mostly Thai locations; nature; architecture and objects relating to the subject of the content in the site. Some of these images allude to the experiences of Desmond Hughes and/or the founders and team of Hughes Krupica.

Ranong photograph – Shutter_0; Biotech Header Image of a Lab – Fotogrin; Estates Header Image of DNA strand – Lharbingerl; New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team Haka – Roger Sedres; Phuket Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket, Thailand – Sihasakprachum; Sunrise of Phuket Town at Khao Rang Hill View Point Phuket, Thailand – Mr_gateway; Stink Bean or ‘Stor’ SE Asia twisted cluster bean by Ndari Kusmintasih; Phuket Town Vegetarian Festival – Basicdog; Phuket Chinese New Year Day and Old Phuket Town Festival, Thailand – Tayawee Supan; Phuket Town, Thailand – Hai Leng Ong Statue – Marco Borghini; Phuket Town Thailand – old buildings in Sino Portuguese restoration – Pakpoom Phummee; stun gun on isolated white background – Mipan; tree roots and garden forest – KhunYing; Book. – Billion Photos; Black digital skulls – bluecrayola; antique cash register – Alex Tihonovs; couple of fighting fish – pisitnamtasaeng; 3D abstract city model 3D printing – Niomtoion; CCTV camera isolated on white – Sashkin; conference table and chairs in modern meeting room – hxdbzxy; house on calculator – Puttachat Kumkrong; 3D printer with resin hand – Phonlamai Photo; Black Briefcase by MSSA; Risk on Black Golden Watchface – ESB Professional; security metal safe – Mmaxer; multiracial headshots – fizkes; Massi Warrior playing traditional horn, Kenya, Africa – Anna Om; Mount Rushmore – J.Pat Hodges; Thai Liverpool Football Club Fans at Rajmangala Stadium Bangkok, Thailand – mooninblack; Hindu Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India by Jayakumar; Jerusalem orthodox jews at Tohrah Scroll Passover by Arkady Mazor; Muslim Ramadan at Pattani, Thailand by Tea Oor; Late HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej 85th birthday celebration 5 December 2012, Bangkok, Thailand by akedesign; London Pall Mall and Buckhingham Palance for HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee 1 June 2012, U.K. – Thoma Dutour; racism word cloud – SurabhiArtss; Invalid equal rights – Prazis Images; Quote from Martin Luther King at Charlottesville Protests – Kim Kelly-Wagner; monotone linking entities – optimarc; commercial airplane landing at Phuket, Thailand – Alpha Footage; Fintech Investment Concepts – Zapp2Photo; Cupertino California U.S Apple Campus Building by Uladzik Kryhin; The Jewel at Changi Airport Singapore by Square Box Photos; human nervous system – Andril Vodolazhskyi; stereomicroscope in bioscience lab – dhvstockphoto; Peace Palace in Hague – vichie81; Lipe Island Thailand – Atstock Productions; Green building concept, Sydney, Australia – Olga Kashubin; macro toothwheel of Ethics, Respect, Integrity and Honesty – EtiAmmos; Amsterdam Netherlands Theater Casa Rosso nightclub – Pictor Picture Company; modern Thai bus in Ayutthya, Thailand – Stefano Ember; Technics Turntable at Lucca, Italy – Daniele Raffanti; Kent countryside – Eynsford Village (partly where Desmond Hughes grew up) – S.m.u.d.g.e; Lang Suan Railroad on the river in Chumphon Thailand – fokke baarssen; Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park Chumpon Thailand – happystock; wine corks and flags – Antoine2K; Thai style wooden dolls, Thailand – KobchaiMa; workplace with laptop on table – Africa Studio; industrial port containers – hxdyl; gold bars closeup in stack – Dmitrydesign; Bangkok City – Weerasak Saeku; CBD of Bangkok Sathorn Road – Orapin Joyphuem; Hands Across the Divide Peace Statue, Londonderry, Northern Ireland as lead photo for Dispute Resolution – Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH; Buddhas at Ayuthya Temple, Thailand – Desmond Hughes; San Jose Downtown- Dreamframer.

Desmond Hughes and Other Team Member Photos

In some places, photos from Desmond’s photography collections are placed in the site, including from life events and history of the relationship with the co-founders, Robert Krupica and Pongsak Daengkaew in particular. For the Our Team photos, aside from the professional photos produced by James Stewart at Vertigo Video Productions, the team members themselves provided photos of their hobbies and interests.