Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Social and Corporate Governance

Hughes Krupica, Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) and Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (“ESG”)

As Hughes Krupica is headquartered in Phuket, and because many community projects are not run on an international global standard basis, the correct degree of application of these standards must be balanced with the real needs of people. Therefore, after internal discussions, Hughes Krupica decided in 2020 to commence with a program of contribution as follows:

  • The firm’s resource would be used for non-profitable activities on a flexible but achievable basis
  • Each project assisted would be vetted by our team with a strong degree of care to avoid judging or imposing standards externally
  • Each participation would be measured by reference to investment of effort and resources, and not solely financial contributions so that there is a healthy combination of meaningful effort and valuable contributions to assist purchasers and functionality
  • 12 days of resource per year would be committed as a minimum, with an objective at least 1 day per month split across 2 teams within Hughes Krupica’s small team to avoid disruption to business operations but allow full commitment from the allocated team to the designated day’s activities
  • Year 1 of the more structured CSR and ESG activities is to be monitored, and re-evaluated for successes and adapted for each project and with modified objectives each year

On our website and social media sites, we do display some of our CSR and ESG activities. Where we have done so, we have set out clearly the details of the projects or foundations so that this display becomes a functional opportunity for others to contribute, if they wish.