Baan Holland, Food and Living Contributions for Children in Need

20th March and 20th July 2020

Our firm’s plans for a 3rd project in 2020 were affected by the lockdown and issues caused by the COVID19 Pandemic, the effects of which unfolded over months. Many workers became unemployed, informal workers lost even their informal livings without recourse to state funds due to their lack of registration in social security and other systems. Certain assistance was provided by the Government, but reports revealed that access to the funds was bureaucratically difficult and often involved processes that compromised social distancing rules.

At this time, whilst the weaknesses of Governments and societies worldwide were amplified, the morally firm and ‘givers’ in society stepped forward. There were many reports of the provision of free meals and groceries and other packages to assist those in need. Hughes Krupica’s contribution pales into insignificance amidst a backdrop of kindness and generosity from many others. However, we did try to play a small part in giving and our team chose Baan Holland House which provides a refuge and place of learning for children from challenging economic backgrounds, such as children of construction workers.

Our team’s original plans for sharing activities with the children were converted into direct giving of lunches, snacks, milk and other items. This activity was conducted twice, the first time by contribution on 20th March 2020, and the second time with the team able to actually attend Baan Holland on 20th July 2020.

Baan Holland Child Care Centre, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand

  • Location: Baan Holland Child Care Centre, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand
  • Event Organiser: Division of Social Welfare, Kathu Municipality Office
  • Contact Number: +66(0)76 321 500 ext. 113
  • This private centre looks after children, often of construction workers or from challenging economic backgrounds in need of additional care and education, with a typical age of the children being 1 to 6 years old. There are approximately 15 children who attend the daycare facility and 8 who are sleeping at the facility on a regular basis
  • Link to information on Baan Holland:
  • The type of assistance Baan Holland needs is contribution to toys, milk,  clothes for the children and parents, meats and eggs for cooking