Hughes Krupica community CSR 2nd visit at Kathu Special Education Centre

21st September 2020

Hughes Krupica has recommenced 2020’s CSR activities for physical visits following the COVID19 Pandemic issue to the Kathu Special Education Centre on 21st September 2020. Our team played musical games with children in a large group and following that we provided snacks and other items for lunch. The lunch area can get quite hot so we agreed with the centre’s management that we would contribute some standing fans. It was a delight to spend time at the centre again, with a lovely set of children and very friendly and committed staff.

If any of our clients, contacts or connections wish to be involved in this type of community activity, the contact details are on this page.

Kathu Special Education Centre

  • Phuket Special Education Centre, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand
  • Contact Teacher: Khun Vilaiporn
  • Mobile Phone Number: +66(0)810957244
  • This school is a special needs school and there are approximately 80 children at the school.

This information is up to date as of September 2020.