Hughes Krupica community CSR – contribution to assist State Quarantine Facility, Phuket

7th May 2021

Hughes Krupica’s team have been, alongside many other global citizens, restricted in any activities involving potential social contact, which in Thailand was exacerbated by the third wave of COVID19, seemingly triggered by illicit Government official attendance at nightclubs, ill advised beach parties without social distancing, mask wearing or proper safety measures, lack of rigour at wet markets, the shameful conditions in Thai prisons and the lack of care for migrant workers. This unfortunately is amidst a backdrop of stoked resentment of foreigners with social media and ignorance playing a huge part in fuelling divisive and negative fires.

None of this should stop the objectives of life which for any enlightened spirits – involves helping others.

Whilst reflections of human selfishness manifest themselves in public and private sectors, it is evident that there are those who dedicate themselves to caring for others on a daily basis, often without any or much remuneration and often insufficient gratitude. To combat the outbreaks of COVID19 in Phuket, “field hospitals” were set up on an ad hoc basis. primarily funded by the state but utilising a mixture of state and private resources.

Although it leaves a sour taste in the mouth to fund Government activities, when corruption and cronyism are reported as notoriously rife, not helping at at all doesn’t seem like a good alternative to chipping in and trying to see that citizens and residents receive decent treatment and amenities.

Therefore, the Hughes Krupica team decided to donate essential items to the operations of Vachira Hospital, running a State Quarantine Center. Unfortunately, the Government ‘budget’ did not allow for the use of toothbrushes and toothpaste, additional soaps and amenities that are accepted as basic needs when in a medical facility and particularly important when confined to quarantine and with no visitors permitted.

The real heroes of this story are of course the medical staff, the Government workers who dedicate their additional time and resource above and beyond the normal course of work and private persons who may have quietly donated and assisted behind the scenes.

We wish everyone a healthy and safe time ahead. At the time of writing, vaccination programs are starting to make progress, and we truly hope that Thailand and other countries reach beyond herd immunity as soon as possible, so that the economic and social hardships many face can be diminished.

Vachira Hospital State Quarantine Facility, Phuket, Thailand

  • Vachira Hospital, State Quarantine Facility, Phuket, Thailand
  • 353 Yaowarat Road, Tambon Talat Yai, Mueng Phuket, Phuket Province 83000
  • Contact for Vachira Hospital Supervisor of State Quarantine Center: Khun Jatuphol Pungthong
  • [email protected]
  • Mobile Phone Number: +66 874672474

This information is up to date as of 6th June 2021.