Hughes Krupica – CSR/ESG – Phuket Social Development Centre – Baby Milk and Snack Packages

5th October 2021

We realise that there can be a ‘saturation factor’ of sharing information on CSR-ESG initiatives that can sometimes work as a disincentive for others to take an interest and maybe contribute themselves. However, the Hughes Krupica team continues to try and work with private and public sectors to make small but effective direct impacts on communities.

This time, our team, under the guidance of Khun Jirawan (Jee) Taepongsorat, liaised with the Phuket Social Development Centre and asked what kind of support is required at this time. Phuket can be a deceptive Province so far as wealth and poverty is concerned. There is often a mistaken assumption that because there are luxury cars, expensive villas, high-end beach bars and restaurants, that perhaps the ‘struggle’ of those who have less than others is tempered. This is not the case. There are many people in Phuket who need assistance because they were surviving on a thin line and the pandemic has pushed them into a highly vulnerable state.

The Phuket Social Development Centre were exceptionally generous with their coverage and acknowledgment of our firm’s contribution. This we hope is designed to incentivise us to encourage others to contribute, and not for us to simply feel good about the publicity – because the publicity must serve a purpose and create a compounding interest effect on contributions.

Therefore, we ask anyone reading this to please consider donating something to the Phuket Social Development Centre. They provide assistance to all persons, regardless of Nationality, which Province they are registered in and are active in identifying those that need help by remaining close to the community.

If any readers wish to donate, then contact details are included on this page.

Phuket CSR Centre, Social Development Centre, Phuket, Thailand

This information is up to date as of 10th October 2021.