Hughes Krupica – CSR/ESG – Sirinat National Park – Planting 100 Mahuat Trees and Kayaking through the Mangrove Forest

19th August 2022

For our most recent CSR/ESG commitment, our team wished to be involved in a project relating to conservation of the environment in Phuket. The Hughes Krupica Team liaised with the head of the Sirinath National Park and National Marine park and planted 100 Mahuat Trees and Resin Trees in the mangrove and marine park area.

Sirinat National Park is at the northwest coast of Phuket Island. The park is located about 30 km north from Phuket Town, right next to Phuket Airport and close to Sarasin Bridge. It takes about 45-60 minutes to arrive at Phuket Marine National Park Research Center 2, Moo 5 Mai Khao, Thalang, Phuket Province.

This and the contribution of others will collectively support local communities economically and culturally, by balancing wildlife conservation and tourism, nurturing habitats to helping endangered species become more stable. 

After the planting session, our team walked through a nature trail to study the mangrove ecosystem with the rangers to learn the story of the mangrove forests. The route has signposted information providing details on the habitat and wildlife. It took a fairly short 30-45 mins to walk around the forest on the trails. Choosing to go on the trail during low tide allows visitors to see a more diverse mangrove ecosystems than during high tide.

At the end of the nature trail, our team went kayaking to see the nature of the mangrove forest for another 45 minutes in a peaceful and natural state. The Park team or the visitors may elect to paddle the kayak as preferred. On the day our team visited, the weather was quite rainy which was pleasant and we saw lots of fish, mangrove crabs, birds and other interesting animals and insects. 

At one point, our team tried to race each other. No matter who won or lost, the experience developed our strong “work as a team” ethic which is embedded in our trust in each other. The joy of doing something positive whilst laughing and smiling together is of great value for our team members and we are grateful to the National Park rangers for allowing us to experience this. 

Anyone who wishes to contribute may do so and we have placed the contact details on this post.

Sirinat National Park / Phuket Marine National Park Research Center 2

  • Sirinat National Park / Phuket Marine National Park Research Center 2

  • Tel :  Sirinat National Park : 076-348526 (Khun Kanokwan) / Phuket National Marine Park : Khun Jo (Head of the Marine Park) 063-6625956

  • Address : 89 Sakhu, Thalang District, Phuket 83140, Thailand

This information is up to date as of 19th August 2022.