Hughes Krupica – CSR/ESG – Soi Dog Foundation – Veterinary supplies and volunteer on dogs walking

26th July 2022

Across Thailand in communities, villages and cities, dogs can be seen and heard almost everywhere. We should not forget cats who are less visible but also needy when ‘stray’. In many instances, Thai and non-Thai residents and visitors will be friendly and take care of dogs as best as they can. However, there are a large number of ‘street dogs’ or ‘soi dogs’ which may have been abandoned, abused and then abandoned, sick and abandoned or injured and abandoned. Many street dogs are also left to breed at will resulting in puppies without care or sustenance.

Unfortunately, there can be a careless attitude regarding the plight of dogs and other animals that can reflect in this situation. Ofttimes the plight of animals is considered less important than that of humans, with a failure to acknowledge that this doesn’t mean the world should continue to be cruel and uncaring to animals whilst we continue to never solve all problems of all humans globally. Kindness isn’t linear and we can all do a little bit to help in many places.

This is the background to the Hughes Krupica team electing to provide a small contribution to the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket.

Hughes Krupica were warmly welcomed by the Soi Dog Foundation Team. After an introductory tour and familiarisation exercise, the Hughes Krupica team were introduced to the dogs and were able to meet 25 dogs in total at “J1 house” and had the opportunity to walk them.

The Soi Dog Foundation guided the Hughes Krupica Team to explore the extensive dog walking routes at the sanctuary and to let the dogs explore freely in an off-lead area, chasing toys and expending energy.

Soi Dog Foundation is always in need of donated medical supplies to help treat thousands of stray cats and dogs in Thailand, as well as more general items such as toys and dog leads.

Hughes Krupica donated a new fridge for keeping food for sick or unwell dogs and cats.

The Soi Dog Foundation still needs  your kind support.

Please note for any items you wish  to ship to the Soi Dog Foundation, the customs declaration should read: “Donated expired veterinary supplies for charity. Not for resale.”

Soi Dog’s mailing address is:

Soi Dog Foundation
167/9 Moo 4, Soi Mai Khao 10,
Mai Khao, Amphur Talang,
Phuket, 83110

Soi Dog Foundation, Phuket

  • Soi Dog Foundation, Phuket Thailand

  • Tel :  Khun Nui (Soi Dog Manager) : 062- 245 8946 / Khun Joe (Soi Dog Copywriter) : 084-7111247

  • Address : 167/9 Moo 4, Soi Mai Khao 10, Tambon Mai Khao, Amphur Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand

This information is up to date as of 26th July 2022.