Hughes Krupica – CSR/ESG – Thai Red Cross Society Phuket – Blood Donation / Snack kit, drinking water and care package for blood donator

21st October 2022

Due to blood shortages across Thailand, blood donations have dramatically decreased by 50% making blood supplies run low. As a result, the Thai Red Cross National Blood Centre is unable to supply enough blood to hospitals. During these difficult times, the Thai Red Cross National Blood Centre is now urging all eligible and healthy donors to donate blood at all Regional Blood Centres throughout Thailand.

Hughes Krupica’s Team actively participated in regular blood donations and have encouraged others to do so, particularly young people who are very suitable donors on average. However, giving blood is not limited to the young and there is a very simple process involved:

  1. Registration – You’ll be asked to show an ID card and provide some basic information
  2. Screening – There are two steps to pre-donation screening: (i) the mini-physical (blood pressure, temperature, and hemoglobin check) and (ii) the donor history questionnaire to assess factors associated with an increased risk for infections that could be transmitted via blood transfusion
  3. Giving blood – Donating blood takes about an hour, and the difference it makes can last a lifetime!
  4. Post-Donation Snacks – you will need to sit up at the provided area to have a selection of drinks and snacks which are available at the refreshment table where Hughes Krupica encourage donors to relax, have snack kits and care package. Your body will begin replacing the cells and fluids you donated right away, so it’s important to eat and drink right after your donation. Be sure to rest well and drink plenty of water before and after giving blood.

A little help and contribute to people in need from you not only saves lives in emergency but guarantee that persons with specific disease live longer.

We have set out the details of the Thai Red Cross National Blood Centre here – kindly note this activity is available in all Provinces across Thailand.

Phuket Regional Blood Centre, Thai Red Cross Society

This information is up to date as of 21st October 2022.