Hughes Krupica’s Team – A Winner of Phuket’s CSR Awards 2022

28th October 2022

As a sincere surprise to our team following our relatively small but consistent contributions to various CSR and ESG activities in the community in Phuket, we were invited to receive an award presented by the current Phuket Governor at the time of writing, Mr. Narong Woonciew at the New Phuket Provincial Hall on Friday 28th October 2022.

Khun Pongsak Daengkaew and Desmond Hughes, both Co-Founders/Owners and Senior Partners of Hughes Krupica, were nominated by the Hughes Krupica team to receive the award. However, the credit for organising the activities, the key participation, the follow up with the projects selected for the CSR and ESG activities should be firmly given to the entire Hughes Krupica team, present and past.

On the Award Giving Ceremony day, many other companies and individuals were presented with awards for their contributions, so our firm and team were in the company of many others possessing generosity of spirit and who value community and care for others.

We spread the news of our CSR and ESG activities, and the award we received – not to bask in any ‘glory’ or to seek to create a perception of do-goocery to moderate our ‘image’. Instead, we share these activities to

(a) deliberately engage thinking of others about potential projects they might wish to support, we always provide contact details and information on how they might do so

(b) set a standard for companies that demonstrate a ‘beyond profit’ motive – even at times when economics are very challenging – such as during pandemic lockdowns and global and national economic turbulence, recognising that even when times are tough or ‘feel tough’ many others are actually far worse off and need help simply to survive

(c) because our team members have demonstrated a shared belief that smart altruism and directed giving to efficient ‘nodes’ of projects where administrative waste should be non-existent or at a bare minimum, can maximise the effects of giving – whether small or large

We look forward to continuing to participate in community projects and also developing our internal infrastructure and external relationships to optimise what we can give in proportion to our size and resource constraints.

We have provided the contact details of the Phuket Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office which is one of the main state agencies in Phuket we have dealt with in our CSR/ESG program, for those who might wish to contribute.


  • Phuket Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office

  • Khun Noon +66 (0) 81 6992596 / Tel: 076 – 212762 / Fax: 076 – 212761

  • Address : 2nd Floor 9/99 Phuket City Hall,  Chao Fa Rd., Talat Nuea Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket  District, Phuket Province 83000
  • Email: [email protected]

This information is up to date as of 28th October 2022.