Phuket Tin Mining Museum Kathu, Municipality Volunteer Clean Up Day

14th February 2020

Our firm’s 2nd CSR/ESG initiative was to participate in a Government driven initiative to improve and maintain with local schools, a centre of cultural interest for Phuket, the Tin Mining Museum. As per the principles of our CSR/ESG, we wish to contribute locally to projects, without always attempting to drive a project from start to finish which may not always be cost or resource efficient. Further, we recognise that in Thailand, which notwithstanding the impressive nature of many aspects of its infrastructure, is a developing country under which Government projects may have insufficient funding and require assistance. Yes, we already pay taxes and for some the assistance to Government might seem like an additional ‘stealth tax’ or a drag on Government becoming more efficient without external stakeholder assistance. However, when looking at matters pragmatically, which is what our firm tries to do with legal problems, the politics of an issue can be swept aside with a focus on the reward of participation and the outcome. In this case, the outcome was a clean and improved local community and Provincial attraction which captures the history of Phuket’s tin mining activities.Our team responded very favourably to being involved in these projects.

Phuket Tin Mining Museum Kathu

  • Location: Phuket Tin Mining Museum, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand
  • Event Organiser: Division of Social Welfare, Kathu Municipality Office
  • Contact Number: +66(0)76 321 500 ext. 113
  • This Government led department needs private sector support due to the nature of social welfare and to optimise community benefit
  • There are many different activities organised such as cleaning, taking care of seniors/the elderly and infirm, and providing scholarships for children in need