Buying or Selling Discounted or Stressed Assets

Why use Hughes Krupica when Buying or Selling Discounted or Stressed Assets?

We have the experience to understand how deal dynamics change in a buyer or investors market and will adapt to service buyers or sellers accordingly.


We understand how corporate finance principles, discount rates; time horizons for purchase price, yields and return projections are affected short medium and long term in and post the pandemic.


We don’t like to just say ‘don’t do it’ to our clients to avoid giving accountable legal advice.  Instead, we are pro-active, solution minded and work with parties to see if restructuring a deal can help get it across the line, even when there are negative due diligence findings.


From our head office in Phuket we use remote working effectively with tech to liaise with counsel and third parties across the planet. The only time we need to be in Bangkok is to deal with a stage agency, conduct a search or attend a court or institution in person.


We understand how to apply weight in different degrees to corporate structuring and contracts. We understand contracts cannot be an infinite set of provisions covering all eventualities. We are robust, and provide clear advice on areas where we see risk. Because we have litigation and dispute resolution experience, we know what happens when things go wrong.


We are courteous and professional by reciprocity to our peers, but we avoid self-interest, conflicts of interest, and distance ourselves from Nationalism, Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia, Bigotry, Persecution of Migrants and/or Foreigners and any other unacceptable practice which morally offends but also can damage a deal or a person. We identify the players in a deal not playing the game fairly and call out any issues to try and overcome them.

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