Why use Hughes Krupica for your Tech Venture?

Efficiency, Pragmatism and a Human Approach Combined

We enjoy working in the tech sector with professionals/entrepreneurs/technical experts because it is generally fun, innovative and often refreshingly absent of old dusty archaism and unneeded formalities. Our enjoyment translates into a symbiotic partnership with our tech clients.


Hands-On Direct Tech Business Experience and Knowledge

We have a team and Lead Partner who is evolving our own law firm through tech, has participated in tech businesses, and assisted tech clients from start up to funding phases.


Understanding and Facilitating a Fast Funding and Growth Cycle

Sometimes businesses need to just grow fast, experiment, innovate, and manage as best as they can to mitigate risk without being shackled by lethargic lawyers. If a project needs a pedal to the metal approach, we will get stuck in, and re-balance our important wellbeing/work mix as soon as we can after a milestone has been achieved.


Digital Assets Regulatory and License Compliance

The digital world’s portability is faster than the evolution of states and law. Therefore, new business across multiple jurisdictions requires knowledge of the legal and risk effects of “virtual” cross border transactions and lawyers who can think on a multi-jurisdictional and tech level. We provide up to date advice on the use, licensing and regulatory requirements for digital assets.


Cross-Border Licensing; Hardware Import/Export & Support Tech Expertise

We have assisted global companies with their already developed tech businesses expand their business into Thailand, with planning and structuring, legal requirement compliance and external and intra-group commercial contract implementation and amendment. Localisation, awareness of potential tax implications and and understanding of IP usages is essential for this service delivery.


We apply Corporate Governance, Commercial and Joint Venture Experience to your Business Needs

Although tech businesses have unique features and structures, the common requirements and issues which govern corporate governance, commercial contract management, and joint ventures – often referred to as ‘partnerships’ or collaboration in the tech world… must be managed for legal risk and optimisation for prospective success.

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