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Construction Contract Support

Ascertaining What is Critical and What is a Nice to Have

We bring together our real estate practice on the development side, our litigation experience, our arbitration and dispute resolution, together with our senior consultant expertise on construction matters in order to provide an industry specific review of documents, proposed contractual arrangements and assisting with risk mitigation procedures which will be critical in your arrangements which will affect either your project budget or if you are a supplier of third party, your revenue.

Tender Process

We will assist with reviewing your proposed key terms, to ensure that any key legal terms are included in your briefing for tender, so that contractors are aware of these terms from the outset.

Construction Agreement Amendment and Review

For small to medium projects, short form template agreements with addendum are easier to manage that huge bespoke or complex precedents that don’t fit or apply to your type of project. We will assist you choose the preferred form but importantly – amend it correctly so that terms such as variations; delays/extensions of time; advance payment guarantees and performance bond; and dispute resolution procedures are properly tailored taking into account the parties involved and the commercial reality of the project.

For larger projects, we will assist on more complex documents, but will still try to simplify certain processes, and to provide practical advice for risk mitigation, such as providing dispute resolution board procedures and mechanisms to allow for disputes to be resolved whilst a project continues.

Direct Links to Litgation and Dispute Resolution

We know that successful construction project management means understanding how disputes can arise, trying to avoid them, but if they do arise, minimising the damage as effectively as possible. We can assist with small issues that arise on projects that over time can accumulate into larger issues, such as a series of variation claims resulting large claims at the end of the project cycle, disputes over return of performance bond, and claims over defects and liability allocation between contractors and sub-contractors.

Why Hughes Krupica Construction Contract Support Services

Project Cost Reduction Mindset
Project Cost Reduction Mindset

We know when you pay legal fee bills that you need to know there is value in involving the lawyers, which may be recouped through clearer contractual processes and reduction of the likelihood of disputes or risk mitigation in the event of disputes

Logical and Practical Contract and Document Skills
Logical and Practical Contract and Document Skills

We use a short contract when it is appropriate to do so. We will ensure that your contracts are readable and useable if you need to refer to them and for you to provide to your project manager and any part of your team for reference

Thinking Ahead to Mitigate Problems and Risk
Thinking Ahead to Mitigate Problems and Risk

A dispute escalation procedure between management, a sincere attempt at resolution, and even a dispute resolution board can all be inserted between the point of disagreement and a litigious or arbitration style dispute. We think about your project, analyse and work with you to suggest useful practical provisions in your agreements

Objective Based Input to your Project
Objective Based Input to your Project

We avoid academic pontification, pedantry for pedantry’s sake and complicating documentation. Instead, we will look at your project objective, the timelines, the stakeholders and apply our approach accordingly.

Construction Contract Support Specialists

Good Foundations are the Cornerstone of Building and Knowledge

Construction Contract Support Testimonials

Private Property Investor,


“Hughes Krupica turned my arrangements with a good contractor for a multi-millions USD renovation with poor documentation into a professional arrangement with a good sense of peace of mind”

“Having already invested millions into an existing project, I then turned to a well known and trusted contractor to work with independent architects on a renovation of the project to add the value that would assist in medium and long term capital appreciation, being the main objectives of my original investment. The contractor was good at construction, but not so focussed on the contractual arrangements, preferring to just get on with the job. However, with large sums at stake, Hughes Krupica assisted me work with the contractor in a direct but amicable manner, to ensure I had the advance payment guarantee and performance bond provisions I needed to ensure I always had control of my monies versus the stages of construction.”

Private Residential Real Estate Developer,


“Developing a second project, we decided to upgrade our contractual arrangements and get our processes more organised, so we engaged Hughes Krupica to assist”

“Hughes Krupica were asked to achieve straightforward objectives and take into account the negative aspects and learning processes of our first development project, and that is what they did”

“We used a long form precedent in our first project which our project manager amended as he saw fit. During the project we had misunderstandings relating to extensions of time claims, variations and arrangements with sub-contractors. When all parties sat down to analyse the agreement, we realised there were defective provisions and this made reaching an understanding harder and longer. For our second project, we brought in Hughes Krupica to assist from the outset with our agreement, and they provided clear and concise project documentation. We would recommend Hughes Krupica to other developers at similar stages of development of their processes.”

Mixed Use Development Developer,


“Hughes Krupica were able to add additional value to the Construction Milestone and Handover Process that many law firms are unable to”

“Through Hughes Krupica’s in-house qualified construction expert with Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Chartered Builder expertise, we were able to manage our costs by using the same team preparing the agreements to also inspect the construction milestones. This type of holistic service is invaluable and we would recommend Hughes Krupica without hesitation.”

Our Construction Contract Support Fees Policy

  • Straightforward Lump Sum Fee Rates for Straightforward Scopes
  • Hourly Rates can be applied to sections of your project to restrict fees to specific tasks
  • Competitive Rates for Expert Advice



Construction Contract Support Miniguides

Our Partners and Attorneys have prepared some helpful guides on construction and legal matters in Thailand which will assist you with some distinct topics you wish to learn more about, without paying for the privilege and without navigating information and misinformation on the internet. For further information and for actual advice we remain available to be engaged.

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