Robert Krupica

Senior Partner - Bangkok / Phuket
Robert's Philosophy

Robert believes in applying his international background in law and life to understanding the needs and providing legal practical solutions to clients. There is always an alternative point of view to be taken into account, another angle to be considered, but ultimately decisive action should be taken with eyes open to any positives; negatives and risks involved.

Robert connects well with clients from different countries and backgrounds, because of Robert’s combination of European, U.S. and Asian life and professional experiences. Robert also has a commercial edge to his legal knowledge and this is a strong aspect of the quality and depth of delivery of his advice.

One day Robert will be handling different litigious matters for different clients, and the next day he will be working alongside law firms in other jurisdictions co-ordinating an overseas corporate investment into luxury real estate.


International; Asian and Thai Based Experience

Robert co-founded Hughes Krupica in 2013 and prior worked in an international law firm with offices in Thailand and Asia for 3 years. He already had experience working in a law firm in Singapore prior to moving permanently to Thailand.

International Nature

Robert is an American State of California qualified lawyer who has spent time in the Netherlands, Germany, London, Singapore, San Francisco, California and Thailand and has a broad range of personal and professional experience in each.

Real Estate

Robert has developed a loyal following of clients and referrers demonstrating his credible track record in advising property companies; developers and individuals on essential aspects of their legal structures; assisting with complex combined legal, tax and accounting audits in conjunction with multiple advisors with different professional disciplines; handling high value property investments and disposals; issuing legal opinions on difficult legal problems affecting real estate; and handling contentious matter settlements and litigation strategies with our litigation team. Robert applies his direct forthright manner to provide candid pointed advice with the principle that clients may not always want to hear the reality of a situation, but it is better to point out both weaknesses and strengths of a matter as early as possible, be it a transaction or contentious issue.


In order to operate a litigation practice in Thailand, it is essential to work alongside Thai qualified lawyers and to elevate the quality of a practice above that of a Thai to foreign interface. Robert has achieved the development of a strong litigation team in Bangkok and Phuket to assist corporate and individuals with their contentious matters be it a large scale combination of civil and criminal accusations in private/Government proceedings or large sum property investment disputes, through to reservation deposit disputes. Robert will apply logical; methodical, time efficient and clever strategic thinking to contentious issues and will add value even to the extent of advising other qualified international lawyers on their matters.

Corporate and Commercial

Robert has assisted many clients over his professional career with joint ventures; ad hoc commercial agreements; restructuring commercial arrangements and supply chains, assisting with obtaining business licenses and complying with regulatory requirements.

Notably, Robert has assisted Fintech companies with their expansion program in Asia, including Thailand.

Phuket and Bangkok

As a co-founder of each office, Robert services clients of both. However, Robert is primarily based in the Phuket office, and will commute into Bangkok for meetings and client service activities.

Accounting and Financial Logic

Robert’s accounting and financial experience means that he has been responsible for development of Hughes Krupica’s billing and financial discipline and automation. This also translates into ensuring that clients liaising with Robert receive opinions backed by financial sense and objectives, and not simply academic theorisation of legal statutes and speculation.

Commercial Adviser and Director on Board

Robert has been a director at a property development project in Phuket in Kamala for 4 years, assisting with operational advice to his co-directors and steering the owners committee and board through restructuring their legal matters to become a better operated project. This type of role demonstrably adds value to the capital investments clients have made and the repeat appointment of Robert on a yearly basis has demonstrated the trust and respect many readily place in him.



Robert enjoys a family social lifestyle in Phuket ranging from beach clubs to local pubs and everything in between. Robert enjoys a leisurely round of golf when he gets a chance and being aboard a sailing boat or cruise boat purveying the some of the best parts of Phuket and Phang Nga’s scenery.

  • Real Estate
  • Litigation
  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Personal Injury

Qualified State of California Bar – 2009

American Bar Association / San Francisco Bar Association – 2009

Juris Doctorate – Santa Clara University School of Law – 2006 – 2009

Intellectual Property Law – National University of Singapore – 2006

B.A International Studies (minor in Accounting and Economics) – University of
California, Irvine – 2000 – 2004, including semester at University of Leiden, Netherlands

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