Prawit Roektalang (Prawit), Litigation of Counsel
I prefer a no-nonsense direct approach to case analysis. I will honestly and candidly assess prospects of success and address weaknesses in a case submission and advocacy plan. Phuket is my territory and I understand this arena
  • Thai Bar and Thai Lawyer License Qualified – Practicing for 15 years
  • Civil – Commercial, Corporate, Real Estate, Debts, Labour Law and some Criminal Law disputes
  • Phuketian

Khun Prawit exclusively deals with litigation and court advocacy work and thrives off a busy court schedule and handling multiple mediation hearings; full trials and execution of judgment work on a monthly basis throughout the year.

Handles Multiple Diverse Caseloads Effectively
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Prawit enjoys litigation but is also keenly aware of client needs and settlement opportunities. Prawit does not enjoy unnecessarily protracted litigation and will work where possible within his litigation team to try and combat some of the prevarication and delay techniques often employed by opposing counsel.

Keenly Aware Of Settlement Opportunities
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Prawit is a Phuket born lawyer no nonsense direct and candid person and this in invaluable when trying to establish the merits of a claim as early as possible in the dispute process.

Phuket Born No Nonsense Approach
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Prawit has 16 years experience practising as a lawyer in Thailand. Prawit has worked with Hughes Krupica’s lead litigation Counsel, Wittawas Oungan and they co-operate on larger sophisticated disputes.

16 Years Experience As Litigator
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Barister Program at Thai Bar Association


Attorney-at-Law, Thailand


Bachelor of Law – Ramkhamhaeng University

Part of Large Litigation Team

Prawit is Co-Litigation Counsel for Hughes Krupica, which means he handles cases for Hughes Krupica clients as support for our lead litigator Wittawas Oungan, but also manages his own ongoing caseload for his long term clients. At Prawit’s disposal are 6 trained experienced Thai lawyers. He also can outsource court work or supervise court work in Suratthani Province including Koh Samui. Therefore, the litigation capabilities of Hughes Krupica are substantive with this team support.

Lengthy Southern Province Experience

During Prawit’s 16 years of practice he has specialised in court work comprising civil disputes relating to business; fraud; corporate; real estate; construction; regulatory violation; and labour dispute cases.

Prawit is a well known figure and highly respected in the Phuket and Southern legal community. He is actively involved in the Law Society activities and has a strong knowledge of who is who on the judge circuit which at least provides an insight as to who might be hearing a particular case.


Prawit is a well known respected figure in the Phuket legal and social community and part of his enjoyment when his family time allows is derived from socialising and catching up with his peers and friends.


To make sure Prawit has energy for his court work and family commitments, he plays football in Phuket on a regular basis.


Prawit is a practising Buddhist and is frequently involved in Buddhist community and merit making projects and events.

Prawit's Social Networks

I strive to complement my Clients’ business skills and strengths by providing a different lens on potential risks, costs and outcomes. A strategy can be optimized by collaboration.

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Desmond Hughes
Co-Founder and Senior Partner

I have combined my legal training and experience with a broader set of skills including biochemistry to enable wider scientific thinking to be a key strength of my advice. My European, American and Asian professional and life experiences enable me to use a comparative approach to assist clients navigate international and domestic legal systems

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Robert Krupica
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I understand the interplay between client objectives and the framework of the Thai legal, regulatory and cultural system. I will identify the optimum method of applying a law in practice and deal ethically with challenges

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Pongsak Daengkaew (Oad)
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The courtroom is where I feel comfortable and where I perform. I ensure that I am well prepared, briefed and adopt a team approach before I commence proceedings

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Wittawas Oungan (Champ)
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I pride myself on my international mindset, track record of transaction closing successes and my ability to emphathise and communicate with our diverse client base. I seek to continually sharpen my skills and mind through experience in a wide range of commercial tasks. My entrepreneurial nature is evident in my dealings

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I strive to develop the internal financial systems of Hughes Krupica to ensure it can operate in a digital and tech driven environment so that the owners and managers can keep the company stable, secure with good information to plan strategies and direct the company

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I enjoy the challenge of solving the difficult translator dynamics between Thai and English, English and Thai. I practice my skills on a daily basis and have devoted my professional and free time to further study of my craft

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