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Transnational Structuring & Compliance

Transnational Law Applicable to your Business Activities

As globalisation and as small and large Multi-National Enterprises continue to develop their businesses across legal jurisdictional boundaries, you may be planning or in the process of adapting your business operations through corporate structuring, multi-contract outsourcing or joint venturing.

The lines between domestic law firm advice and global law firm advice have blurred, with many of the global legal enterprises facing market knowledge of their franchise models and outsourcing techniques for delivering the balance of international and domestic legal advice businesses must obtain to manage risk in developing their businesses.

Our firm is now able to offer a combination of international legal expertise to handle international business instruments and international corporate structuring requirements for investment into and out of Thailand and other jurisdictions.

We are also able to project manage legal aspects from our physical location in Thailand, multiple corporate and commercial transnational activities for activities not connected to Thailand. This may need to be in conjunction with local counsel but on a streamlined basis.

FinTech; MedTech and PropTech Co International Law Assistance

The Tech Giants have developed their own self-style systems of User Policies; Enforcement Mechanisms such as suspension of user accounts or trader reputation scoring systems; and have also pioneered introduction of Online Dispute Resolution Mechanisms.

Many of our tech co clients have followed suit or have adapted their own systems of business to suit the model and footprint of their operations, with our assistance, including in the Fintech, MedTech and Propetch sectors.

The largest tech companies are under scrutiny as to the effectiveness of their systems protecting global users, including the mechanisms and legal rights to privacy and protection of data, the requirements of which are in a state of constant change.

When you develop your tech start up business, or seek to upgrade your technology business to the next level, we can assist advise you on:

  1. Optimum User Policies and Conflict of Laws Issues Relating to Multiple Jurisdictional Access
  2. Creating user-friendly systems of enforcement and appeals for violation of policies and community standards
  3. Assisting with the Implementation of Online Dispute Resolution Systems and if required, appeal systems
  4. Privacy and Data Protection requirements – local domestic and international requirements and standards such as the OECD Privacy Principles

Regulating your Agreements and Systems Uniformly with Dispute Resolution

It is worth paying attention to what happens if disputes arise within the systems you create for users. With carefully application, uniformity can be applied to a large proportion of your legal arrangements which may manage the manner in which disputes are conducted to mitigate costs and business time. Expedited procedures, documents-only arbitrations and liquidated damages provisions are just some of the techniques that can be employed to introduce a greater element of certainty in your business affairs. There is a strong overlap in this area of transnational law with our Arbitration Practice and our Arbitration Team’s capabilities.

We can assist your contract risk management, harmonisation and adaption of your contracting systems so that your model may be scaled and replicated in multiple jurisdictions. We can do this with the ‘what if things go wrong’ mindset fixed firmly to the risk management and dispute resolution aspects of the agreements.

Why Hughes Krupica Transnational

For transnational matters, Hughes Krupica assigns its Principal Partners – Desmond Hughes and/or Robert Krupica to work directly with you and your team.

Hughes Krupica can provide borderless international support to small and large Multi-National Enterprises by way of in-house counsel support on contract and risk management/compliance at competitive international rates

We can assist with a program of speedy or gradual contract and legal process harmonisation to improve your business systems between jurisdictions

We can assist with global corporate structuring to balance the separation of power between directors, owners, the company and stakeholders taking into account subsidiaries, joint venture and outsourcing arrangements.

We Advise With a Transnational Mindset
We Advise With a Transnational Mindset

Our Key Partners will apply their Transnational Mindset and Experience to Provide Appropriate Tailored International advice , introducing domestic legal regime elements where required

Measured Transnational Harmonisation
Measured Transnational Harmonisation

We will implement a gradual transnational harmonisation of your legal systems and commercial activities in keeping with the as yet non-universality of law which may mean simple contract harmonisation processes or more complex corporate and this party relationship structuring

Multi-Jurisdictional Legal Management
Multi-Jurisdictional Legal Management

Your business operations and systems may cross through multiple systems of law requiring appropriate balance between a global and local approach to compliance and  management of third party advisers which Hughes Krupica will provide

Balancing Costs Internationally
Balancing Costs Internationally

We will assist with legal services planning and discuss with you the optimum methods of contracting for legal services from our firm with the intention of making you a repeat customer. We will also assist with assessment of international and domestic legal services budgeting.

Transnational Case Studies

    Transnational Testimonials


    Gary Murphy,

    Chairman, Intrapay

    “Multi-Jurisdictional Works Advice Relating to Domestic Operations”

    “Hughes Krupica are able to apply their international PaymentTech/FinTech expertise to international operations and in this way their principal location – Thailand, becomes irrelevant. However, they are also able to craft their advice to apply commercial and corporate structuring, licensing and regulatory to ensure that our company is provided with relevant local legal support too.”

    Terry Blackburn,

    Ex-Managing Director, Property Report & Asia Property Awards, PropertyGuru Group

    “Successfully advised on regulatory processes for BOI approvals for Proptech Segment of the Business”

    “Combined industry and business practicalness with refined legal advice and implementation”

    “Hughes Krupica are not a law firm that specialises in run-of-the-mill property deals. They have a leading edge in property investment and therefore also understand niche offshoot businesses that are starting to dominate the sector. Hughes Krupica’s team are able to think outside of the ordinary remit of traditional lawyers and be transnational in their approach.

    I would recommend any business owner assessing which law firm to assist to use Hughes Krupica for their transaction with confidence.”

    Peter Davison

    Chairman/CEO, Greco Management

    “Assisted Greco with excellent advice for MedTech Legal Issues”

    “Anticipated processes and regulatory matters between Thailand and Singapore to assist in business formation and MedTech product launch”

    “Greco Management has an industry expertise and therefore can only use lawyers capable of understand the industry and adding extra value beyond generic advice. When setting up a business in which Greco Management was a lender and investor in a debt/equity format, Hughes Krupica struct the right legal balance on corporate governance planning, product compliance and regulatory ensuring that their advice could be practically implemented and would not just be an overlong unusable opinion.”

    Our Transnational Fees Policy

    • Fee Structuring Designed to Assist In-House Counsel Budgets
    • Strategies Focussed on Avoiding Fee Duplicity Across Jurisdictions
    • Selective Narrowed Engagement of Domestic Counsel/Advice
    • Value Added Retainer Commitment Fee Structures Available



    Transnational Miniguides

    Our Partners and Attorneys have prepared some helpful guides on transnational matters which will assist you with some distinct topics you wish to learn more about, without paying for the privilege and without navigating information and misinformation on the internet. For further information and for actual advice we remain available to be engaged.

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