Adding Value to the Commercial Process

Legal Fees cut into the margins of commerce and therefore have to be managed to be appropriate and necessary. SMEs and corporates always have to tailor the level and depth of advice they seek with their budgets and therefore wish to avoid being sold the ‘bells and whistles’ if that isn’t required.

One client who had successfully negotiated his own set of commercial agreements specific to the medical sector for many years wished to settle and stabilize new arrangements with a restructured organization that sought to renegotiate terms.

In such a situation it is imperative that a law firm understands the commercial relationships and balance of power between the parties, before seeking to amend and impose obligations on parties.

Hughes Krupica spends the necessary time learning about the context of a commercial negotiation to ensure that when the red pen is marking up a document, it is only doing so to add value to a deal, and not just for the sake of being clever or difficult.

The medical services industry at the top tier management level is a small close knit network, and it is important to preserve a reputation of fair but firm dealing, and therefore having Hughes Krupica around to assist with key contractual negotiations was exceptionally useful and ticked all the boxes.

Hughes Krupica also managed the scope of works and costs conservatively, clearly mindful of the next potential piece of works.