Clients Deserve Better than Old Precedents; Cut & Paste

The value in a law firm, and its services, are mostly contained within the heads of the staff and in the systems and efficiencies a law firm is able to deliver to a client.

Here are some of our values, which we focus on in order to deliver good value to our client base:

1. Hughes Krupica does not slavishly stick to old precedents and forms used on other transactions. We develop our precedents through meetings, instructions and applying the precedent to the facts. Clearly a client should not be expected to pay for us to simply print off a document.

2. If we have used the form of a contract on a similar transaction, we will take the time to amend it properly, triple check the details of the contract to ensure that the new contract supplied fits the transaction. We don’t believe in inventing new materials for the sake of invention, but we also believe in ensuring that our product is delivered to a high standard

3. Hughes Krupica’s Team have delivered over the years of experience they possess, sufficient contracts to cover numerous aspects of their specialist areas: Real Estate; Hospitality and Leisure. We will only assign staff who have experience in these fields to control the work product and engagement. We keep our teams relatively small, but we also do not simply assign just any available team member to a transaction or case

4. Litigation is different on the facts in most cases. Certain motions; hearings; grounds for appeal are similar in terms of procedural requirements. We provide our clients who are involved in disputes with tables showing the order of events at the Courthouse, the estimated timeframe, and details on the cases filed and responses from the other parties. We believe in shedding light over a case, not casting it into darkness.

5. Your monies are spent wisely in your business, and should be spent wisely with Hughes Krupica. We have invested in developing, and continuing to develop, infrastructure to accommodate a demanding business environment. If you ask where your fees go – the answer is that we believe in re-investment, sustainable growth, rewarding our staff in relation to their performance, and developing a law firm that clients want to use time and time again for their legal services needs.

Cut and Paste? Change the Parties; Date and Recitals – ? That’s not the job of qualified professionals… We believe our clients deserve better.