Singaporean Investors Heed Thai Real Estate Investment Overview

Singaporean Investors took note on the current real estate investment climate of Thailand during the presentation delivered by Desmond Hughes, Senior Partner of Hughes Krupica recently at the SMART Investment and International Property Expo over the weekend of 26th and 27th September at the Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall in Singapore.

Desmond discussed the differences between the City residential market and the tourist hot spot markets in terms of price and predictions by property experts for 2015/16 and longer term. He further discussed the significant public and private sector investment taking place in Phuket as a case study of the effect on real estate and pricing. Desmond discussed the trends in the Bangkok city condominium market and discussed foreign ownership and investment options for Singaporeans. Desmond also discussed some legal tips for checks and due diligence investors should have their appointed lawyers conduct prior to committing their funds to an investment.

Desmond has been attending as a speaker at the SMART Expos for 9 years on a regular yearly basis and is proud to be included in a successful event aimed at delivering information to seminar attendees, and supporting exhibitors from Thailand who wish to disseminate valuable information to potential investors on Thai real estate.