Ajalaya Boonhaw (Sky), Senior Associate
I am a Senior Associate with over 9 years of extensive experience in litigation and dispute resolution, specializing in civil and commercial matters. Throughout my career, I have successfully led numerous cases to victory, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the legal frameworks and a commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for my clients.
  • Certifications/Licenses
  • 2017 - The Lawyers council of Thailand – Authorized Notarial services attorney.
  • 2015 - The Lawyers council of Thailand – Authorized to practice law in the kingdom of Thailand.
  • Holding Attorney at Law License No.763/2558

Sky is a happy, outgoing forthright person, approachable and keen to provide a timely legal product. She is versatile in her work and can switch from litigation to transaction mode and back again without missing a beat.

Approachable Versatlie and Forthright
Can handle transactions and/or litigation

Sky’s background is from Bangkok, she graduated bachelor degree of Law at Ramkhamheang University and also has attended many training and seminars from aboard. Even she is not the local Phuket but she is able to apply legal principles and knowledge to deliver on-point advice.
Her goal is to navigate complex legal matters with precision and integrity, ensuring the best possible results for individuals and businesses alike.

Phuket Roots
Culturally and Socially Astute

Sky is a truly international Thai working in an international environment and for clients who benefit from her worldly experience and outlook in addition to her United Kingdom based legal practice qualifications.

Truly International Thai
International Legal Qualifications


Training and Seminars Attended:

  • European chambers: BOI policy update
  • Thailand Arbitration center: Best practices in arbitral award writing
  • Thailand Arbitration center: Family mediation: The Hongkong and Thailand experience


Certifications/Licenses – The Lawyers council of Thailand – Authorized to practice law in the kingdom of Thailand.

Certifications/Licenses – Holding Attorney at Law License No. 763/2558


Training and Seminars Attended:

  • Thai-Norwegian chamber of commerce: Crisis management workshop
  • Thai-Germen chamber of commerce: Tax and legal implications of international assignments with expert from Lorenz & partners


Certifications/Licenses – The Lawyers council of Thailand -Authorized Notarial services attorney.


Bachelor Degree of Law, Ramkhamheang University, Bangkok, Thailand

Business Acumen

Sky is able to connect well with foreign clients, and also understands the cultural and business dynamics of the Phuket environment.

Corporate Expertise

To support the transactional investment work, Sky also assists clients with new company incorporations, the technical aspects of ensuring a company is maintained properly including corporate secretarial assistance and assisting with due diligence or disclosures on the acquisition or disposal of a Thai company.

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts

Sky is often assigned to assist on transactional works including the contractual negotiations and contract amendments on matters such as property disposals or investments and commercial agreements for businesses involving joint ventures.

Hotel Investment Assistance

Sky will work within a team under Partner leadership to assist with all aspects of hotel investment from hotel management agreement support work to hotel disposal or acquisition support on due diligence or disclosures and contract negotiations.

Personable and Fresh Outlook

Sky is an experience person of the Hughes Krupica team. She is alert, sharp on work but friendly in nature. And this also helps in good dialogue for obtaining and acting upon clear instructions.

Technical Abilities

Sky is able to apply her legal mind to client issues ranging from transactional to litigation. She works well with the litigation team and is able to assist as a liaison point between the activities of advocates in court and the client’s objectives and needs including reporting and commentating on options. This is because some litigators do not have a command of English as good as their Thai and a translation is not appropriate or good enough in many circumstances. An explanation regarding legal procedure and processes is far better provided by Sky given her training and qualifications.


Sky is so enjoying outdoor activities with her friends such as hiking and surfing. To explore the new experience and see the wonderful nature of Phuket.


Sky is a health-conscious person. She often goes to the gym to exercise with her personal trainer. Sky is a very disciplined person in exercising. And also take time with art drawing for mood relaxing.


Sky loves to visit the new place with her friends and family. To explore the new experience of traveling she mostly enjoy to see the nature places and sea which are different from her normal life.

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I strive to complement my Clients’ business skills and strengths by providing a different lens on potential risks, costs and outcomes. A strategy can be optimized by collaboration.

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