Modern Real Estate Development Sales Contracts

We have a very large land bank of land with various stages of development planned over the next two decades, during which time we will adjust our plans according to investment trends and economic/market conditions.

For Phase 1, we required a set of condominium unit sale and purchase agreements but supplemented by documents to relate to the actual interrelationship between the residences, a branded hotel operator, rental program operations and taking into account the mandatory regulatory compliance documents.

Hughes Krupica used the standard mandatory Government form of sale and purchase agreement as a base around which to build the other commercial documents, balancing the protections required by law with additional provisions we needed to commercially clarify and contract with our buyers.

Hughes Krupica were particularly good at picking up on details that are often swept into more general provisions, which can if not clarified cause issues later during the handover, completion or asset management stages of a project.

We backed our Phase 1 with a large investment in sales and marketing, and also spent a lot of time identifying a branded operator for the residences. Hughes Krupica were therefore selected for the quality and clarity of their contracts which fits into our model of providing the best to our clients.

Hughes Krupica made sure that the arrangements with the operator configured with the sales agreements with the buyers and therefore there was a benefit to Hughes Krupica handling all aspects of this phase for our investment group.