Nuances of Law and Practice

We operate a large public company group involved in residential; hotel and commercial supporting real estate as part of one of the largest real estate projects in the Province.

We have an in-house legal team who handle day-to-day sales transactions and work on internal restructuring and financial affairs.

However, we also need support on a large number of highly technical legal works which requires deep investigation into the viability of project plans and chose Hughes Krupica to assist based on its reputation for real estate legal services.

The support we have received has ranged from legal opinions on the liability for throughflow drainwater from adjacent projects; the terminability of hotel management agreements and mitigation of termination fee in exchange for commercial concessions; landfill regulations and the structuring of road access and ‘servitude’ or access rights to adjusting rules and regulations of juristics to confirm with mixed use.

Hughes Krupica has a depth of experience that is unrivalled in specialist real estate services and that is why we will pay additional fees above our internal in-house counsel expenses.

For any large real estate company looking to balance in-house resource with external advisers, Hughes Krupica is flexible and hands on in they way they deliver practical advice.