Quick fire Hotel Business Sale

We operate and provide hotel consulting services in the hotel industry and have done so for decades. We also invest in hotel assets from time to time.

One of our assets was underperforming due to lack of built up capital renovation funds and also due to economies of scale on the number of keys. There was land available for development including additional car park land but that would have required capital.

Together with our co-investors, we identified a Singaporean based real estate fund which had embarked on a series of acquisitions to satisfy it’s latest fund requirements, agreed commercial terms quickly and importantly – a very fast completion. The Buyer did not wish to spend time on the due diligence necessary to conduct a share sale and we had to clean up our company and live with the costs of that post completion.

We had dealt with Hughes Krupica before and knowing their responsiveness, ability to conduct works efficiently and deal with time pressured deadlines, we selected them to assist us.

Hughes Krupica assisted with the assimilation of an electronic data room in a very short period of time, with information organized in a logical and helpful manner for the buyer’s legal and commercial team. Whilst this was being effected Hughes Kruipica had already circulated transaction documents and were working on conditions precedent which included a readjustment with the local authorities of land boundary measurements.

There was a lot to handle all at once and still keep the deal on track for completion. Hughes Krupica were instrumental in ensuring the deal completed and the investors walked away with reasonable commercial terms in relation to post completion obligations, good limitations on liability and the completion monies in their pockets, ready for the next investment.