Selling Made Easy

In order for a legal firm to advise a seller well on a property sale, it has to know what buyers and buyer’s lawyers look for on a purchase.

Hughes Krupica assisted me prepare well in advance for my property sale, at a time when the market conditions were very challenging and not many buyers were interested in property at quite a high price point. Agents are often good at identifying prospects, but might in a fairly unregulated market fail to inform a buyer of the correct particulars and details of a property – in particular the legal method of acquisition or investment.

Hughes Krupica anticipated all the questions which would appear, ensured that a reservation deposit agreement was entered into with a deposit sufficient to cover my legal fees and other costs should the buyer withdraw without cause.

Hughes Krupica then went on to handle the sale in the form of a sale of shares of the company that owned the property interests, and safely structured the transaction so that there was an irrevocable transfer of funds to my account for the shares upon which the company documents were released to the buyer.

When there is a mixture of domestic law and transaction with international law and transaction it is important to be able to trust the law firm handling and coordinating matters and my trust was well placed in Hughes Krupica.