Theft of Company Information and Data

Unfortunately there is a proportion of the world and business community that comprises dishonest characters who take the opportunity to cheat. Sometimes the cheats are serially dishonest and have slipped through the net. Sometimes those characters were historically good, but when faced with an opportunity, made a decision to take advantage for their own gain.

When a case of cheating occurs the consequences for a small medium business can be fairly devastating. The management team may have to work very hard to repair the damage and shore up its customer base, leaving the stressful and challenging business of pursuing the wrongdoer(s) to its appointed law firm.

Hughes Krupica is used to assisting clients unravel the messy business of a case of cheating. We have dissected the evidence of the cheating and other misdemeanours and then applied such to the relevant angles of attack under both civil and criminal litigation tracks. Multiple claims may be both strategic and powerful leverage for settlement and forcing the wrongdoer to pay damages and make amends. The Computer Crime Act, the Criminal Code may also come into the mix but will require hard evidence to be applied.

The wrongdoer may be caught unawares by information technology forensic checks into email accounts, deleted data, footprints left on websites and social media and an array of evidence may be collected included any dummy email accounts used to siphon off information and in certain cases siphon off clients off the business. Valuable client data may also have been stolen.

Whilst the case is ongoing, it is important to keep track of where assets are, and who owns them, and on the VISA and labour compliance status of the wrongdoers. A game of chess using a variety of moves to back the wrongdoer into a legal corner will be necessary.

The Hughes Krupica litigation team has seen all sorts of wrongdoers; frauds; cheats and serial all round bad people. We know how to deal with them within the framework of the law.