Trusted to Help Sell Half-a-Lifetime’s Work

In order to understand a business, it is necessary to help it. Inevitably, engagements to review contracts, assist with employee issues and intellectual property can lead advisors to get to know a business, and its owners.

A client of Hughes Krupica built up his business over a period of 10 years from a small unrecognized print magazine business, to a branded regional print and information portal business, to then become a regional events business leveraging through its print and online exposure. During that time Hughes Krupica’s partners remained onside, ready to assist – with matters large and small.

Then the big time arrived. Several suitors waited in the wings to acquire the entire business. It is then that trust, knowledge of the business, and competency to handle a business sale becomes crucial.

Hughes Krupica assisted the client with – several dialogues with different suitors, switching to exclusive negotiations and due diligence organization and disclosures, liaising with tax and accounting advisers to structure the business to be sold and to mitigate shareholder and director liabilities. During a process such as this, a buyer will insist on certain matters being performed, on a timely basis, prior to completion. Hughes Krupica put the additional effort and hours in to make sure this happened.

We understand it isn’t often that a small medium enterprise will be bought and sold in the lifetime of the founders. Therefore, there will be a close personal attachment to the business that needs to be recognized, respected and managed to ensure a fruitful and successful sale. There will also be the matter of lock-ins of employment post completion and retention of a certain portion of the purchase price.

On this particular transaction, Hughes Krupica not only impressed the seller, but the buyer. When the seller became part of the buyer’s organization, naturally new works were assigned to Hughes Krupica.